SDNY is investiagting Giuliani for CRIMINAL charges. ”Which hunt?” indeed.


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Simply put, Drump2020's primary mission is to Dump Trump. Americans need to stand together to make this mistake of history brought by the undemocratic Electoral College a one-time aberration. Additionally, we will use our thought-provoking visual/wearable art to illuminate salient issues like sensible gun-control legislation and the protection of the environment. 


ACTIVISM, a lifeblood of politics...

Sadly, we can't count on the Mueller report to oust the lying, narcissistic, hypocritical, dangerous maniac in the White House -even though it CLEARLY/UNAMBIGUOUSLY makes the case for high crimes and misdemeanors. But we can count on the SDNY's continuing investigation of the Drump cabal's felonious exploits including campaign finance violations, tax fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud,  witness tampering, abuse of power, etc. etc. etc.  Drump (aka: Individual 1; the un-indicted co-conspirator) repeatedly refers to it all as a "witch hunt." Our question is, "which hunt?"  indeed. "Which hunt" (there are so many) will be the one that puts him squarely where he belongs: behind bars!  Show your solidarity with the Southern District Court of New York's pursuit of justice and wear your SDNY ball cap with pride in your heart and resistance on your head! 


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We will be adding new products to the site over the next several months; gradually rolling out more anti-Trump teeshirts and art, mugs, bumper-stickers, hats, etc. etc. Please come back and view the site often.